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Gordano Breakfast Rotary Club

A Quick Introduction

Gordano Breakfast Rotary Club is a relatively new club having been formally recognised by Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland in March 2015. We currently have 20 members with most members playing an active part in the club. We are a member of Rotary District 1100. As a new club, we have dispensed with many of the formalities of many longer established club

Before Covid-19, we met for breakfast twice per month in the restaurant of Brewer’s Fayre, Gordano Gate, Portishead with a speaker meeting on the first Thursday of the month and a business meeting on the third Thursday. Meetings started at about 7:15 am and ended at 8:30 am to allow members to get to work. We moved to online meetings via Zoom during the Covid-19 lockdown but have recently returned temporarily to face-to-face meetings at The Ship Inn in the evenings. We are currently looking at future plans which will be influenced by Covid levels.

We meet at other times for various fundraising and social events. We have worked in partnership with a number of other local organisations and charities. This year our main charities for the 2021/2022 year are: The Jessie May Trust, Ebenezer Rural Clinic in Swaziland (Kingdom of eSwatini) and Nicola Corry Support Foundation.

Christmas Trolley Dash Fundraiser

  • Cheque presentation to St. Peter's Hospice

  • Christmas Trolley Dash

  • Visit to Wadworth Brewery

  • Operatic Fundraiser

  • Rotary Fairground games

Our Charitable Trust

The club set up a charitable Trust in February 2018 to separate our fundraising activities from the day to day running of the club. The Trust was registered with the UK Charity Commission in August 2018 as ROTARY CLUB OF GORDANO BREAKFAST TRUST FUND. Our charity registration number is 1179753.

Have A Question Or Need More Information?

We’d like to invite you to come along and see what we do, either at one of our breakfasts, one of our other events or come and have a chat when you see us out collecting for good causes. Look at our Meetings & Events page to see what is happening. 
Use the contact form (in the page footer) if you would like to find out more about Rotary or arrange to visit us.

Rotary Membership FAQs

We'd love to meet with you to answer any of your questions if you are considering joining us but the following may be of interest.

What does it cost?

Members pay a subscription of £10 per month. This covers the cost of running the club, a contribution to the wider Rotary District and National organisation and a small donation to a major Rotary project (e.g. Polio Eradication). We pay for our own meals and other social events. We are not a "Cheque-book" club and do not expect members to make any direct contributions to our fundraising.

Can women join as members?

Certainly. Full membership is available to all irrespective of gender. Several of our existing members are women. All roles within the club (and wider organisation) are open to all genders.  Equality and diversity are important to us. We aim to ensure equality of opportunity for all, through diversity, giving each individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.
Historically, some clubs were men-only but we have always welcomed everyone as do most modern clubs.. 

Isn't it just for older people in professional jobs?

No. We welcome members from all walks of life and all ages.

Isn't it all very formal?

We are a very informal club. There is no formal dress code. We do not have formal ceremonies beyond handing over the President's medallion each year and a toast to "Rotary around the world" at the end of our meetings. 

Do I have to attend a minimum number of  meetings?

No. We appreciate that people often have busy lives with limited free time. to attend every meeting. We are very flexible and do not have any minimum attendance requirements but do ask members to attend from time to time and commit to our projects and activities as much as they are able. The club works best when members are involved and the members also get most out of their membership this way,

Is it all work and no play?

Definitely not! We have a number of purely social events with most open to partners and friends. Most of us enjoy catching up with friends at the breakfasts and our fundraising events are often great fun to be part of.

Can I visit a meeting before joining?

We'd love to welcome you to see what we do.  We ask all prospective members to visit a few times and to meet up with some of the members before deciding to join us as a member.
Please contact the appropriate person from the list below if you would like any information about the club. Click the name to email:
President: David Oyns
Secretary: Mike Bennett 
Treasurer: James (Jim) Packer
Speaker bookings: Mike Cox
Media enquiries: John Mills
Youth Lead: Gary Fudge
Website: David Tyers
or complete our Contact Form in the next column if you are not sure where to direct your enquiry.
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